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Hi, I’m Marco Biondi, writer and founder of Writers4Growth.

My family would describe me as mad (I’m not), my daughter would describe me as the kindest-meanest person she knows (she exaggerates) and I’d say I’m a highly ambitious, word-obsessed crusader on a mission to break the status quo (bit indulgent).

Whoever you believe, my role is to marry customers to your brand and business. Since 2019 I’ve been writing copy and content as a freelancer based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. That’s the place that looks like Jamaica in holiday brochures but the weather is as indecisive as finding something to watch on Netflix.

All good relationships start with a chat so reach out and let’s see what magic we can produce together. I look forward to meeting you and your vision.

The mission

To work with growth-minded, authentic brands and help customers fall in love with them.

In addition to spending 15+ years in B2C sales, working with industry-leading brands like Renault, Dacia and Vauxhall (Opel for anyone outside the UK) I’ve been writing since 2019 as a copywriter.

Little did I know how closely linked sales and copywriting were and so began a new purpose, to help businesses find their tribes through strategic content marketing.

How I help

By aligning with business objectives such as raising brand awareness, driving higher conversion rates, or just getting some words on a website.

I’m an open book, so leverage my vast experience to better understand your customers and how to reach them.

Why work with me?

If you’re like me then you’re probably a growth-minded visionary always learning and striving for better.

My clients get the best of both worlds, expert copywriting and deep knowledge of conversion-oriented techniques.

Writers4Growth has written for multiple industries including Saas, Crypto & Web3, Retail, Property, Commercial Services, Education & more.

I give a damn about other stuff too

Like most people, I have causes close to my heart. For businesses that share my values, I like to add some extra spice to our relationship. You’ll see what I mean when we get there 😉

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